14th European Dependable Computing Conference
10-14 September 2018
Iasi, Romania



The following posters will be presented in the EDCC 2018 poster session:

  • Héron: Taming Tail Latency in Key-Value Stores under Heterogeneous Workloads (Vikas Jaiman, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Vivien Quema, Lydia Y. Chen and Etienne Riviére)

  • Operating System Hardening : Dealing with External Interrupts (Mahoukpégo Parfait Tokponnon, Marc Lobelle and Eugene C. Ezin)

  • Fault-tolerance Evaluation of a New SQL Database (Ainhoa Azqueta, Marta Patino, Valerio Vianello and Ricardo Jimenez-Peris)

  • Exploiting New CPU Extensions for Secure Exchange of eHealth Data at the EU Level (Luigi Coppolino, Salvatore D'Antonio, Giovanni Mazzeo, Luigi Romano and Luigi Sgaglione)